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I received my stitch markers and I am delighted! 

They are beautiful and of such good quality! 

How thoughtful of you to wrap them separately.  Thank you!

One set is indeed a gift and I can hardly wait to give it to my knitting buddy for Christmas.

I wish you a beautiful Holiday Season!

Renee, Illinois

I absolutely adore my Python Charms stitch markers. They can be found dangling on just about all my projects as progress markers or stitch markers. The bracelet had become the storage for nearly my entire collection of markers, much better than being lost down the back of the couch :D


Each package is as unique as the crafter who receives it

Each order that leaves Python Charms HQ is hand packaged, with a wax seal and stamp. Tied off with a bit of red cotton for luck.

Either as a present to yourself, or a gift for another, the tactile delight of the seal and the joyful tug on the cotton will make it that bit special.

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