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Changes to Python Charms

So what's changed within Python Charms?


The year for Python Charms is going to be broken down into three seasons. Each season will have a theme that the markers within it are going to follow.

The stitch marker sets included in the seasons will be limited edition. Once they're sold out they're gone for the season. Depending on next year's themes they maybe back- but it's not a sure bet.


Each Zodiac sign is going to get a three piece set, available individually or as the set, of the sigil and an animal or symbol that represents the constellation.

Like the other sets within the season, when they're gone they're gone.


Sabbats are the holy days of for folx that follow the Wheel of the Year- it's not limited to Pagans! There is going to be sets celebrating these points of the year. They also line up with more mainstream religions as well- so you may feel yourself drawn to them for other reasons!

Python Points

Is a freeeeeee way to gather points on your Python Charms spending, and then get a discount off a future purchase.

  • For ever 1EUR you spend you get 5 points.
  • 100 points you can get 1EUR off your order, with a minimum discount of 5EUR.
  • Refer a fellow crafter who then makes a purchase get 4EUR discount code.

All you need to do is sign up using the little "Rewards" icon on the bottom right of your page.

Pricing Structure

Semi-precious vs standard beading

Previously there was a slight price difference between semi-precious beading versus the typical Python Charms beading. This gets confusing, and to be honest put people off buying markers that they liked. So I've equaled out the pricing so they're the same across the board.


Sadly shipping prices for me have gone up, and although I don't want to charge you the full An Post price I have had to up them. You can see all the shipping information here for full information on this.

Dark grey background, stylised python in a relaxed swirl in a golden colour. To the python's left is "Python Charms" written in cursive.

New look- thought it was over due.

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