What is it? | Washi Tape

What is it? | Washi Tape

Washi tape is different to your typical kinds of tape- which would explain why you don’t generally use it like normal tape! Washi tape is created from a Japanese shrub, known as mitsumata aka the Oriental Paperbush. The pulp creates a fine delicate paper.

Although it’s only recently become popular it’s uses don’t seem to end. Personally I use it in a few ways to help with both my crafting, my journaling, and around the house.


The biggest thing that I find it useful for is with patterns with a graph. As a dyslexic having a way to anchor my position easily and visually is needed. I tried using a pen, a ruler, a needle- they didn’t work well for me. I also didn’t want to fold to mark the pattern and effectively destroy it. Que the wonders of washi tape. By placing a length below (and sometimes above) the required point on the graph I could reposition it as required.

One of the big selling points for me is how clean it is to use. Unlike traditional, plastic based, tapes washi tapes comes off of the applied surface leaving little to know residue. Perfect for taping wires to walls, or notes, in my rented home. I don’t want to have to repaint the wall if I can avoid it!

Using it is simple- peel and place… and replace… and replace… and you get the idea.

You can find the washi tape in my store easily, here are a few options below.

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