Cassiopeia KAL | Week 2 Meet Up

Cassiopeia KAL | Week 2 Meet Up

It's already time for the next Cassiopeia meet up!

This week's details are:

Room number: 


The room is set up to allow you to join whenever but you will need to be let in by an Admin like myself. The session will start at 7pm Irish Time.


Don't be an Asshole

We Planetary sisters expect a certain level of decorum from our attendees.

We will not tolerate:

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Aggression or beyond acceptable language
  • Extremist beliefs (for example trumpsim)

If there is any behaviour that is not condoned you will get kicked out and blocked... and I'll enjoy doing it.

Pictures mean Prizes

You have until 7pm Irish Time on Thursday 28th January 2020 to comment below with a link to your Instagram post with #CassiopeiaKAL to be in for a chance to win this week's prize- the 13 piece Zodiac stitch marker set from myself Frankie of Python Charms.

Take a look at them here:




The winner will be announced later on the 28th by tagging them in the @PythonCharms stories.

You won't have to attend the Zoom call to be in for a chance of winning- all you need to do is post a link to your picture below.


Link for today’s update

Ann Sheehan

Here is my link.

Ann Sheehan


Week one photo up on IG @jonna.Peguero. Sorry to miss the zoom today, hope it was fun!

Jonna Peguero

I posted about it today here:


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