Cassiopeia Knit Along Sign Up Sheet

Cassiopeia Knit Along Sign Up Sheet

It's been a long old 70 months of 2020. A true highlight was being able to work with two amazing friends Eve Chambers and Evin O'Keeffe as part of Planetary Sisters. If you were one of the lucky few who got the calendar we made you'll already be familiar with Evin's Cassiopeia pattern, and have a fabulous set of mini skeins.

Why not knit it with friends new and old?

On January 20th we'll cast on, with a Zoom party, and get on the way!

Haven't yet got a copy of the pattern? Head here for the Ravelry page to grab yours.

Did you just miss out on the the sunrise and sunset fades from the amazing Eve? Find her Etsy store here.

If you're aiming to use your stash mini skeins you got for during the festive period that'll be perfect too.

Of course there's some lovely stitch markers that might be just right?

Written in the Stars, the stitch marker set from the Planetary Sister's Count

Wait? You've already cast on? Me too! Anyone away any stage is welcome to join!

Pop a comment below with your Instagram handle to sign up, post a photo of the yarn or project so far under #CassiopeiaKAL!




I forgot to include my instagram: @marumaruknits

Maria Perez



@evechamberstextiles here ! I’m in for sure!!!

eve chambers



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