Kick Off Party Details

Kick Off Party Details

It begins *dramatic music in the background*...

Nah not that scary don't worry! We're going to start the KAL off with a meet up with every who's able to join.

The Deets

We'll be meeting on Zoom at 7pm Irish Time, if you're not sure when that is for you click here for a time converter. The details are below:

Zoom Room: 


During the meet we'll discuss the pattern, yarn, and anything that we fancy.

Don't be an Asshole

We Planetary sisters expect a certain level of decorum from our attendees.

We will not tolerate:

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Aggression or beyond acceptable language
  • Extremist beliefs (for example trumpsim)

If there is any behaviour that is not condoned you will get kicked out and blocked... and I'll enjoy doing it.

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