New Season: Casting spelling & Telling tall tales

New Season: Casting spelling & Telling tall tales

The Wheel Of The Year tells us that the seasons move from one to the next without fail. Nature, including ourselves, follow this rhythm.

For a while I've felt deflated and uninspired by Python Charms. I wanted it to be so much more than it is. So I sat down and took guidance from the Goddesses that lead my life, Frejya and Hel. It was through them that I realised that I could take Python Charms on a new direction.

Drawing inspiration from the dyers that I hold so close, along with my newly forming Pagan roots- I hit upon a new structure. Python Charms, every four months, will come into a new season. A unifying theme for the sets, badges, and stationary that I'll have on offer. Every season will have a nod to the Sabbats that fall within it along with the European Zodiacs and limited edition resin shawl pins.

The first season, Casting spells and Telling tall tales, will launch in September.

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