Cassiopeia KAL Hub

Hello my knitters!

To make things a bit easier here's a central location of all the bits and pieces you'll need to join the Cassiopeia KAL along with an FAQ.

How's this going to work?

We'll all be knitting the Cassiopeia pattern by Evin O'Keeffe. So you get to smile thiiiiis big when you've finished:



Quick Links

Cassiopeia Ravelry Page

Sign Up Sheet

Catch Up / Cast On Party on the 20th of Jan 2021 

1st Meet up on the 27th of Jan 2021

1st Meet Up Winners - Sandra!

2nd Meet Up 3rd of Feb 2021

2nd Meet Up Winners Jonna

Week/Month 10th of Feb 2021 Catch Up Party

3rd Meet Up Winners- Anne

Final Meet Up 17th of Feb 2021 Party


*Wiggle eye brows* I heard there were prizes, is that true?

Why yes! Up for grabs is a 150g skein of Eve's delightful yarn, an eCopy (or Ravelry copy) of Evin's UV Knits book, and a full set of the Written In the Stars stitch markers including the Cassiopeia moon limited edition marker.

To win the prizes all you need to do is comment on the blog post of the meet up with your Instagram handle and a link to a recent post. The post will need to have #CassiopeiaKAL, be of your Cassiopeia, and have been posted in the past 24 hours.


I don't think I'll be able to finish a shawl in a month... will I not be able to win any prizes?

This isn't a speed knitting competition- and I know my Cassiopeia will still be going in a few months time. There's no pressure to finish, we're looking to just gather some like minded folx together for a good ol' time.


I couldn't get a set of Eve's beautiful mini skein sets but I still want to join in!

I'd totally recommend you keep an eye out for when they're back in stock but we totally get that you weren't able to get a set. Eve is a one woman magical dying magician along side being a Mom and working full time so there isn't always fade sets available.

However if you've got a fade set, or a selection of minis, or ends of skeins, you're more than welcome to join. As Evin's pattern is rectangular each colourway will have the space to blossom and shine, not matter how much you've got!

This is my Cassiopeia:


It's a hodgepodge of colour and texture- I wouldn't have it any other way!



I've already started my Cassiopeia, can I knit that in the KAL?

Oh yes! I'll be knitting my fairly established one, and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is making.


I kind of want to do it in one colourway, is that ok?

Totally! It'd look awesome in one colour!


I've not bought my yarn from a dyer, it's from a shop. Will that be ok?

It'll be perfect! I'm currently working on a shawl that uses commercial yarn and I love it. Find what works for you in both price point and colour.


I don't have any Python Charms stitch markers, will that count against me?

Nope! Although my markers are hella awesome, check'em out, they're not everyone's cup of tea, or in their price point. My motto is work with what works for you- if it's not Python Charms that's cool.


I'm new to lace / not a confident knitter do you have any tips?

Evin's pattern is a great starting point! Looking up the stitches on YouTube will help. When we have our cast on party we'll go through the stitches together.

If knitting on the bias confuses you, like it does with me, try knitting it straight, without the borders with the increases and declines. Although the bias gives the pattern a really unique feel to it if it's something that doesn't work for you don't worry!  If you're not entirely sure what knitting on the bias means, here's a wiki link.