Benefits of The Beads

A lot of Python Charms' markers use semi-precious stone beads or chips. Folx, including myself, believe that there is a benefit to keeping some of these stones close by.

Below are some of the benefits of the beads that are regularly used within the Python Charms collections. Images below, unless otherwise stated, are from New Moon Beginnings and are not owned by myself. If you can’t find, or are having trouble identifying, your bead please use the contact page!



Appearance: Pale green to light turquoise and opaque.

Association: Luck and balance.

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Appearance: Deep orange red, slightly opaque, sometimes with swirls.

Association: Being receptive on both the mental and physical plane.

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Appearance: Creamy white/grey with dark webs.

Association: Calming both mentally and physically.

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Jasper, Dalmatian

*Image from Wikimedia*

Appearance: Taupe with black, orange, and pale yellow freckles.

Association: Stimulates your heart and mind.


*Image from Wikimedia*

Appearance: Comes in various tones of green, as per the image, is opaque and tends to be a consistent colour.,

Association: Emotional release and rest.


Appearance: Creamy white with an opalescent shimmer.

Association: Soothes stress and anxiety, boosting confidence.

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Appearance: Shiny, solid black.

Association: Stimulates focus

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Obsidian, Mahogany


Appearance: A dark tan, with black freckles and smudges.

Association: Draws negativity away from you.

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Quartz, Clear

Appearance: Clear, hence the name.

Association: Healing and wellbeing.

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Quartz, Rose

Appearance: Pink, with red tones (as per image), opaque.

Association: Emotional release and love of all kinds.

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Quartz, Smokey

*Image from Wikimedia*

Appearance: Brown to grey tones, nearly clear in places generally opaque.

Association: Grounding and balance.

Tigers Eye

Appearance: Brown tones, that are similar to a stripy cats fur.

Association: Self expression and verbal communication.

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Appearance: Light to dark teal/blue with some dark spider webbings.

Association: Open communication and creativity.

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Appearance: Green tones with smudges of red.

Association: Progression and confidence.

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