Frequently Asked Questions

Got a few questions? Don’t worry- let’s see if they’re covered below:

When will my order be posted?

Typically it’s the next Saturday after your order- have a look at the delivery page here for more information.

I really wanted one of your pieces but it says that it’s out of stock :(


Don’t worry! What is listed as “In Stock” on the store is what is already made up or built- it’s very likely I still have the components to make more. Reach out to me- Instagram DM here or via the Contact page here.

All your prices are in Euro! Can I pay in another currency?

My prices are all in Euro but you can choose to pay with PayPal when you get to the checkout. PayPal will mean neither of us have to worry about a conversion fee!

If you don't have PayPal and are having difficulties reach out to me either on  Instagram DM here or via the Contact page here.

The beads in on my stitch markers aren't perfectly round / different colour to the photo / has an inclusion. I want to change it!

Although every effort is made to ensure that the photographs are an accurate representation of colour there will be variations in how they are displayed.

The semi-precious beading by their very nature will differ from bead to bead. This will include slight shape differences, inclusions, and colour placements.

You are able to request a swap of your beads, but you will need to pay for both the postage from and to yourself.


I want stitch markers of a particular design or theme- can you help?

I may have exactly what you’re looking for- or am able to get hold of it! I'm just not able to make all variations up at any one time. Let me know via Instagram DM or via the Contact page here.