Stockist Information

Python Charms markers and accessories have spread all over the globe! From Canada to Australia there are adorable markers and shawl pins keeping crafters brimming with personality!

However, waiting for a little bit of Ireland to arrive when you're in the US or Australia is a bit annoying. So... I've teamed up with amazing business people to bring them closer to home!

Australia | Stitchcraft and Wizardry

The hustle and bustle of Australia is made extra colourful with the love and passions of the Stitchcraft and Wizardry family. Anna, and her elves, spread hand dyed and commercial yarn all over from their Narnian base in Perth.

Their website is and Instagram is @stitchcraft_and_wizardry.

America | Fuzzywhatknots

A lady obsessed with colour and education within the fibre community! I proudly sport one of her tie dye hoodies (seriously they're gorgeous). She works and educates along side being an amazing mum/mom in the hear of the US!

Her website is and she's a must follow on Instagram, her handle is @fuzzywhatknots