The Python Charms Philosophy

Python Charms is run, designed, and presented on three philosophies. They are added to over time. The first one was the inspiration to start Python Charms, the others followed as the business developed.

In chronological order:

  1. If I wouldn't buy it why should you?
  2. Reuse > Recycle > Reduce
  3. Make with what works for you

If I Wouldn't Buy It Why Should You?

It's a pretty straight forward thought. If I wouldn't buy it why would someone else be expected to do so. This instills the need for quality in all my products, but also a design that comes from a developed idea.

Before anything is added to the Python Charms store I ask myself "would you buy this?".


Reuse > Recycle > Reduce

Another motivator behind Python Charms was the increasing prevalence of plastic stitch markers. They become brittle, they break, they're just not a long term option. Metal stitch markers, that have both knitting needle hoop and lobster claw, mean they're useful to a variety of people and for a very long time.

The packaging for Python Charms is recycled and or can be recycled. The plastic mailers have a large amount of recycled plastic in them, which can then go on to be recycled again. The boxes and other finishing touches are paper based for each biodegradable waste or recycling.

I have actively moved from the less sustainable "bubble mailers" that are largely un-reusable or recyclable to the new mailers. Where possible I reduce the need to throw away any packaging that can't be recycled or repurposed. The majority of the containers that hold my stock are repurposed household containers. 

Make With What Works For You

In 2020 I made two changes to the operation of Python Charms with the aim of making Python Charms markers more suitable for a larger audience.

The first move was to remove the bracelet that came along with the full five piece sets, and reduce the price accordingly. I'd had a lot of feedback of people building up a collection of bracelets that they didn't really need, or people just not wanting to purchase as the price was a little too high. These are now an option by themselves in the store.

Four stitch marker options are photographed separately and compiled into one image side by side. Each option is photographed on a wooden dish from above.

Secondly the option to had the marker style of your choice. A dear and long time Instagram friend approached me with the fact that she loved what I made but had difficulties using them. I took it upon myself to find options that would work for those who are not as deleteriously able. Whilst I looked into this I saw the option could be widened to include those who used needles of more delicate materials (bamboo, wood, etc.) and crocheters who prefer a larger clasp. These options are now available for any markers ordered on the website.