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A homage to Buffy, and the Scooby Gang!

If you've never watched Buffy, you should, but also the main characters are occasionally known as the Scooby Gang. After all they do snoop out mysterious things. The set has references to my three favourite Scooby Gang members; Spike, Buff, and of course Willow.

Spike is the set of vampire teeth. Buffy is the pencil- yeah from the time she staked a vampire with one. Willow is of course a laptop- cos she's a witch with technology <3 They're available as a set of three or in singles.

Not entirely sure what they are? They're stitch markers. Crafters use them in knitting and crochet to denote points in their work. Making them weighted and interesting makes recognising those points easier.

 As a standard each marker has a 10mm ring that can fit up to an 8mm knitting needle but more comfortably up to a 7mm needle. There is also a lobster claw that can be used up to an aran weight yarn without issue.

Do you prefer a different kind of closure? You can select a different option here for free.

Don't forget to check the Options and Extras collection for different ways of keeping your new markers together.

Jewellery standard pin, beading, and clasp.

As there are small parts this is not a toy nor suitable for children.

Avoid getting wet. If the items become dirty please use a soft clothe and gentle detergent before wiping away with a damp clothe.

As there is metal parts they may oxidise due to humidity and other conditions. 

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