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SPACE WHALE | Wax Seal Stamp

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**OFFER** Now comes with two sticks of sealing wax and spoon!

Am I the only one getting echoes of that scene from "Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy?" when the improbably drive generates a whale into existence? Let's not think about what happens after that bit- or the flower pot.

With this seal you can add a touch of mystique to your journal, letters, or anything paper based. If you want to create a seal like I have in the photo all you need is a shall sheet of grease proof paper, or a flat polished stone surface. 

 Wax seal stamp with handle.

You can find other Wax Seal Stamps here don't forget to pick up some wax seal beads, spoons, or furnace here

You can find other Wax Seal Stamps here don't forget to pick up some wax seal beads, spoons, or furnace here

Cos it's hard to make the seals with out the wax, and the burner, and the spoon you can get 50% off this seal if you pop it in your cart along with the Wax Seal Kit . Just pop in discount code WAXSEAL at checkout.

Brass wax seal stamp roughly 2.5 cm / 1 inch in diameter.

Detachable wooden handle of roughly 9cm /3.5 inches.

Packaged with a fabric baggie.

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