PRE ORDER WAX SEAL KIT | Nearly all the bits for wax seals

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As each Python Charms order comes complete with a wax seal a few people have shown interest in the process themselves. After a bit of hunting up and down I've put together a starter set for you to pick up. Each set includes:

  • A wax spoon
  • A wax furnace (the round wooden thing)
  • Approximately 50 wax seal beads in random colours
  • Four candles
  • A fabric bag to keep them all in



As you may or may not have a seal already to hand if you pop in any of my wax seal stamps in your cart with this kit, and use WAXSEAL discount code for 50% off the stamp.


Back Order

When you put in your order this will be ordered from my wholesaler and then sent on to you. The turn around for this may take a few weeks.